Collaborate to Build the Internet of Things: Temboo’s New Slack and Github Integrations


Temboo, the IoT platform that auto-generates production-ready code for embedded devices, now lets developers use Github and Slack to bring their teams together to build better applications. Temboo will now send its signature production-ready, auto-generated code straight to developers’ repositories and also send real-time application alerts right to where teams are already communicating. Collaborating to build the Internet of Things just got easier.

For businesses across industries using Temboo to monitor heavy assets, harness sensor data, and increase efficiency, these collaboration tools make Temboo even more valuable. Power plant operators can get real-time updates to their maintenance teams in Slack, alerting them when a Temboo application that’s watching a generator is running into issues. Water utility companies that use Temboo to get data about leaks in their pipes can easily coordinate their application development process by seamlessly exporting new Temboo-generated code to their teams’ Github repositories.

Software, cloud services, and dedicated server providers –Temboo enables its customers to connect them all together in new applications, and these integrations with Slack and Github now mean Temboo helps developers better connect and coordinate with their teams and colleagues as well. Whenever customers generate new Temboo code, they’ll now be able to export that code directly to their Github repos seamlessly. Whenever they want reports on how their Temboo applications are running, they’ll now have the option to get real-time alerts right to their team’s Slack channel.

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